Cover Ups & Reworks

If you are looking to get an old tattoo covered up or reworked, let’s have a consultation and come up with some ideas on the best design for you. Below are some examples of past clients I have helped update their tattoos. To book a consultation, fill out the tattoo request form on the contact page.

Cover Up Around

My client wanted to keep the blue rose as is, but really wanted to cover up the background work. I followed the linework of the tattoo to be covered and came up with a nice dark leafy lace design with just enough shading to hide the background colour.

Cover Up

My client wanted her old tattoo on her inner bicep covered up before her wedding. She was to wear a sleeveless gown and needed something blue. The sunflower and three blue roses had special meaning to her. I used thick black outlines and bold solid colours to cover the previous work.


On this one, my client wanted me to rework her old mermaid tattoo. She wanted to keep everything as is, as to not destroy the memory of the tattoo experience, but wanted to hide the cancer symbol of 69 and incorporate the cancer symbol of the crab into the design. I sent her several design options and then combined a couple designs together to get exactly what she wanted.